For day three I have to write about three songs that are embedded in my soul, and commit to a writing practice. So let me set my alarm on my cell. I am new at this, and I don’t want to over extend myself as a mother, teacher, publisher, editor, and writer (along with being a daughter, sister, friend, and wife), so I will commit to 15 minutes a day at night when the house has gone to sleep. I’ll type as I hear the dryer going and the washer finishing.

SONG ONE: “Lithium” by Evanescence

This song reaches down into the depths of my most darkest moments, when I felt my life was falling apart. It takes me back to where I was at the beginning of my marriage, in the middle of possibly losing my college scholarship, and becoming a mother. I was lost and adrift in so many ways, and I found my anchor in life. I almost caved in to numbness, and I thank God every day I didn’t.

SONG TWO: “This Little Bird” sung by Jewel and her mother

The lyrics tug at my heart and the duet of mother and daughter pulls me into the moments in which I have sung with my mom. She is the one who taught me to have a voice, and not let my shyness incapacitate me. She sings like an angel, and every Sunday I looked forward to church in order to sing alongside her.

SONG THREE: “I’m just a Girl” by No Doubt

One of my first favorite songs on my very first CD. No Doubt’s music altered my perspective on what it was to be female, what it is to be strong. More than ten years later and I still have the album (now downloaded) and I belt it out every chance I get as I clean, shower, or exercise.

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