Voices in my head

I stand as a consumer by the local cellular kiosk in the middle of the mall, and because getting a new phone takes an eternity, I people watch. The more I look at the faces and bodies of those milling around me, the more horrified I get. I know I am no raven beauty, but I think it has more to do with respecting myself. Some of the people dress with a sense of uniqueness and flair, others with comfort in mind. I am big on comfort as well.

BUT, others dress as if they have no mirror in their house or no one who loves them to tell them, “oh no honey, not that.” I know to tell the difference between those who maybe cant afford better, or cultural points of view, but those who spend good money on something that is most definitely not their size, that’s another story. Boys and girls, you can look a lot sexier, put together, and be more comfortable in clothes that actually fits you.

You want to wear those skinny jeans, or skater shoes, or tank tops, tribal prints, and more GO FOR IT! Just don’t wear an extra small if you’re a medium, it makes you looks fat when you’re just curvaceous. Being tall, short, thin, curvy, larger than life, or as tiny as a button your body is beautiful. I believe that to be you, to follow the beat of your own drum, is fabulous. I myself have gone through more styles than I can count, and that is my prerogative. Just don’t let it all hang out, get squished out, or put on display. A pair of white shorts and black or neon thong is tacky, being only 14 in booty shorts is gross, and being a grandpa in low rider jeans is nasty. I wouldn’t want to see anyone’s underwear, not even the hottest girl/guy on the planet looks particularly appealing with clothes that are too small, too tight, too rude, or with too much underwear peeking through all the cracks and crevices of the human body.

I like my short skirts, neon tops, skinny jeans, slacks, mod dresses, work uniforms, cut offs, and more. But if the medium or large is my top size, then I don’t unflatteringly try to squeeze myself into a junior extra small.  And a 13 year old boy shouldn’t have more piercings than a seasoned rock star, nor should a 14 year old girl be flashing ass and cleavage. Where is the respect for the beauty of your own body and your self worth?

I never voiced my opinions, as it isn’t my place for the people who merely went about their own lives in my line of vision. Diversity it crucial to a culture that should move forward, and fashion is partial (“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”). They don’t care about what I say, I just sigh to myself because in their own unique sense of identity they are still marvelous. As much as we shouldn’t, we do judge based on appearance.


One thought on “Voices in my head

  1. My thoughts exactly. When I walk around, I always wonder…why did not someone tell them how bad they look or did they not look in the mirror and see what we see. The latest fad I notice is how everyone seems to want to wear workout clothes to the mall or grocery store, when you know they have not stepped into the gym recently – I have been wanting to write a post on that for a while.


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