Writing 101: Point of View: Perspective

In a library…

She sits behind her desk and waits for the student to ask her about her friends on the shelf. She cleans, stacks papers, fixes the stapler, and sharpens the pencils. Meanwhile, all those young minds rot staring at one digital screen or another. Free wifi has become the bane of her existence.

From up top, it glances at her best friend fidgeting at her desk. It can feel the restlessness radiating from her anxious hands, and shuttering gaze. It is a book, only one of so many that is almost falling into the stage of deep slumber that so many of her neighbors have succumbed to. Book’s spine is stiff and brittle, while book’s pages hunger for a touch on the corner, as the reader turns to another scene, another twist in the plot.

“Excuse me,” the whisper leaves her thoughts before she can reign it in. Clearing her unused voice, she tries again, “Excuse me.”

The librarian, startled out of her reverie, raises her eyes and smiles at this tiny, shy child. “Pardon me, was there anything I could help you with?”

The smooth melody of it’s friend woke it up, and energy tingled through. Could someone be searching for me?? Please, let me be what she requests, I pray to have a hand reach up. I can be a good friend…

“Yes, I was looking for a treasure,” at this comment shy would not be the word to describe Lily. No, the sparkle in her eyes came alive, already awakening because of the hunger for another adventure. “Yes, ma’am I would like a recommendation, please.”

“Of course, of course,” Mrs. Diaz tucked her hair behind her ear, “I have just the thing. Unless you’re worried it might be too much for you?”

“Never, books can only lead to another adventure, another exploration,” Lily whispered as if she were holding the key to a state secret. No one would call her dramatic, but her whispers carried more weight than all the chaos of her fellow pre-teens taking up the space at the outlets and computers.

Book stood at attention, trying to look intriguing. Book wanted to be picked up once more. Would Lily pick me? Mrs. Diaz, please help Lily pick me.

Mrs. Diaz smiled, like a kid with a plate full of chocolate cake, with Lily and led her to her favorite spot. Book perked up as the heels clicked closer and closer, before it knew what was happening a tickle went up it’s spine. Mrs. Diaz smiled and handed it over title facing down, and when Lily turned it over, there was a collective silent gasp.

Lily left with a new friend, and Mrs. Diaz was happy that there was still hope for the kids around her who seemed pale by the glow of the electronics.