wandering minds and social media

Although I love how accessible I am becuase of social media apps, I worry I am spreading myself too thin. I know I’ve neglected WordPress. I’m on instagram, twitter, Facebook, wattpad, goodreads, google+, pinterest, linkdin, amazon, Kindle, and so much more. I write, edit, review books. I promote local authors, artists, poets and try to connect with that crowd on a larger scale.

I want my name to become known. I want my voice heard. I want my words read. I want my face to be recognized in the literary community. It’s all about me isn’t it. My work. My words. My poetry. My soul bleeding on the page.  To be a writer is to look deeply into your own soul and broken psyche. You need to dig into the abyss, bask in the light, and learn to absorb the moment of joy, pain, pleasure, torment, sadness, anger, and more.

Try to find me. If you like my words, my thoughts,  then look for my either under my company name Elusive Publishing or my name Cynthia Dougherty-Bernal. I am here. See me. I will most definitely be taking a closer look at you.