Musings inside the maze…

I’ve been lost in the world of plot development and research. Its becoming difficult to focus on daily tasks that seem more mundane, my mind wanders to the importance of what my main character is going through in the last chapter. Haven’t settled on a name, but here’s a peek:

She truly hated being a siren amongst the enemy.

She is being born, and I am learning who she is. I wonder what will happen to those around her who seem to be both friend and foe. I am trying hard to find balance in my life for the creative flow of my mind and the menial tasks that must be accomplished in order to maintain my status as a healthy, productive adult. I feel at times as if I am living two lives.

My fiction world of creation, prose, and poetry is one. Then there’s my daily life of being mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, and more. I am proud to say that I have almost 10k words written for my current project, and I am already 2k words into another side project. As always I have my almost daily poetry and with each piece I write, type, read, sing, I feel more alive. If only I could win the lottery so that I can live my life as a writer.

Some day if I am diligent, focused, and driven I hope to live off the income from my works. One day…with every word I feel as if I’m closer to my dream. I’m optimistic, I just want to be careful and not become delusional. Love you all for following me here, on Instagram (poetry_goddess88), on Twitter, on Tumblr and more. Thank you for being you.

Feel free to peruse my writings here and leave comments and feedback.


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