My Opinions, my ramblings: Social Media

I sometimes feel over extended on all the social media platforms I am attempting to keep updated. I have fallen in love with the platform for Instagram, it has been a great tool for sharing my poetry and adding to those who enjoy reading my work. I’ve also come into contact with a variety of writers, artists, readers, and more. Instagram was where I first dipped my toes into intrepid waters.

It has become the central focus, but I have also expanded into Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads, BookBub, Amazon, Google+, LinkdIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Wattpad, and here WordPress. I’ve even attempted Scribd, Etsy, Sell on Etsy, and Kindle.

Yes I know, it is a lot. I look more at my phone screen throughout the day than I should. I’ve thought about pulling back, but I hesitate. I am a tiny fish in a massive, whirling vortex of stimuli and information. I am my own advocate, and I want to put my name out there. I want my writings to be in the minds, hands, and screens of others. I am a self proclaimed extroverted introvert. I want to reach out to others who might connect emotionally to both my prose and poetry.

And I am not the first, nor will I be the last, who struggles with the poisonous addiction to social media and apps. I try to conscientiously put down the phone in social situations, so that I still make direct eye contact with my friends, family and acquaintances. If I am lost in the glow from my handheld screen, I try to remember to look up and appreciate the silent company of my loved ones. Even sitting outside while I contemplate my next post, tweet, photo, or blurb makes a world of difference. The sky is still above us, and the ground is still beneath us. We do not exist in a 3×4 inch technological device.

Today’s world does demand some sort of social media interaction in order to maintain contact with friends from across the lands. And in this hustle and bustle life style, its easier to post an update that can be simultaneously seen by a crown of family and friends.

As a independent author and creative soul, that cannot yet cash in a mega check, free promotions on social media are too tempting. For now, I will continue to scale the landscape of internet, never forgetting that an outernet exists.

2 thoughts on “My Opinions, my ramblings: Social Media

  1. I was wondering how you handled all of this plus work and family. You are a leader Cynthia and an inspiration. Love you and your work.


    1. Thank you so much Lori. I appreciate your feedback. I’ve been trying to juggle and this summer I’ll decide what I need to scale back on. I have my first poetry book on Amazon, and I’m planning on releasing another in April. 🙂


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