15-min Writing Prompts

I’ve been involved in this online writing group invited & created by Nancy Chase, a fellow author. It’s done me a world of good. I have had an opportunity to break out of my comfort zone and try to expand my experience with prose writing.

Actually by taking part in the 15 minutes free writing exercises I’ve begun to develop a new work in progress. This novella, or maybe novel, is growing every chance I get to sit down and focus. I have started to add more depth to the characters and I am trying to enhance my comprehension of seamless dialogue. But I digress. I wanted to share with you the prompts from the past three months.

If you are like me, and you want to break from the mold and escape the comfort of one genre or one style of writing then join in. I thankfully now have a journal full of short stories, generally 500-1000 words long. I can’t wait for the summer, when I am away from my day job as a teacher, to be able to take apart, revise, edit, and further develop some of my favorites.

Here is the month of January:

1.      Every time I saw it
2.      Did you tell them about me?
3.      They were both waiting
4.      Even before they arrived
5.      A traitorous thought
6.      Just don’t ask about
7.      Enough was enough
8.      Did you get into much trouble?
9.      So far he had won nothing at all
10.     Will you forget about me?
11.     Instead, she apologized
12.     He’d done it before
13.     Is it true?
14.     I still haven’t told her
15.     Nothing’s definite
16.     Let’s go upstairs
17.     The room was filled with
18.     What’s wrong with you
19.     That was the night when
20.     A bad day
21.     The new girl
22.     It wasn’t his fault
23.     It won’t happen again
24.     If you think you can help
25.     A terrible secret
26.     She didn’t mind them staring
27.     He didn’t know how to stop
28.     It’s worse when they’re nice
29.     You don’t believe me anyway
30.     We’d been talking about it for years
31.     After midnight

This is the month of prompts for February…
1.      I should have listened to him
2.      Just tell me the truth
3.      He’s not clever like you
4.      I told myself I didn’t care
5.      I should have taught you better
6.      She beckoned with a bony hand
7.      But what else could I do?
8.      No one knows for sure
9.      If you believe the rumor
10.     Where did you get it?
11.     Remember your promise
12.     He didn’t want to go
13.     Hold out your hand
14.     We should have been happy
15.     It’s better to know, isn’t it
16.     But nobody came
17.     It’s such a waste of talent
18.     I was beginning to worry
19.     I was twelve when my mother was taken
20.     There was an awful moment of silence
21.     It is not a matter of choice
22.     She was angry but she did not speak
23.     The little boy was the big dog
24.     Two years later, when he had almost forgotten
25.     That was the last I saw of them
26.     Far below, the lake grew dark
27.     It was such hard work, though
28.     It made the long days seem less empty
29.     Despite the cold and the darkness

My favorite, the month of March (aka also my bday month 3/29)…
1.      Why can’t we go?
2.      One he loved and the other he hated
3.      Hours passed and she didn’t return
4.      No one came to my rescue
5.      I had heard of it before
6.      He rarely spoke
7.      A man hurried past us
8.      I heard the front door bang shut
9.      Sometimes in my dreams
10.     That was a fear she understood
11.     He was not at all handsome, but
12.     I had never even been kissed
13.     She was right on both counts
14.     Does it really work
15.     Would you like me to show you
16.     It was easier Thai expected
17.     I can’t trust you
18.     No one could talk of anything else
19.     Wouldn’t you have done the same?
20.     He’d already stayed far too long
21.     That’s all I ever wanted
22.     They all laughed, every single one of them
23.     You can do anything
24.     They gave him a week
25.     There will have to be an inquiry
26.     The handwriting was unfamiliar
27.     It was still raining when he arrived
28.     He heard a footstep behind him
29.     We had it all arranged
30.     What do you do when a dream has come true?
31.     An argument in the corridor

Use them at your leisure and if you are so inclined, let me know. I will share a few of mine as the days go by.

SIDENOTE: (aka shameless self-promotion)

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