First love, first kiss 

Day 3 of #30daywritingchallenge
I won’t name names 😳 but my first love happened in kinder. I was always a shy, timid little girl who preferred the company of books and hesitated in groups larger than three. When I started school that year I was approached by this tall Amazon who bursted into my little bubble. 

She was amazing, and through her I met my little love. 

He was sweet, silly, outgoing and wore suspenders. I mean I was lost at the first flash of his rosy cheeks and bright smile. We shared a pencil, I was practically engaged. The following year, as crushed as I was over summer, I began the new school year with trepidation. But oh no, there he was and I was besotted, my little 7yr old heart. Alas it wasn’t meant to be when second grade rolled around and his family moved from my hometown. I was lost in my shy bubble once again. 

From time to time over the years I would hesitantly make a new friend, but it was hard for me.

The minefield that is middle school almost shattered my fragile pre-teen heart. I fell for a guy who fell for my friend, and he never knew. Amongst this emotional turmoil I imprudently allowed another semi-crush to kiss me. It was gross. I kinda regretted it, but a girl forlorn is lost at times. You would think that I would have shunned romance altogether. But no, teenage years hit and my life was never the same. 

I was a wallflower but even I bloomed when love, lasting love struck me. 😘
–C. Dougherty