Ten interesting? Things about me… 😳

Day 4: #30daywritingchallenge 
1. My ear…my husband claims to have fallen in love with me because of my ear. We met when I was about sixteen. I was awkward, shy, and I blushed furiously and often. I have a nervous habit of pushing my hair back behind my ear, not both ears, just my left ear. Sometimes I get all my hair behind it, sometimes I fail and my ear pokes out. To this day I’ve caught my reflection in exactly this predicament. One lone ear poking through my auburn hair. On the occasion when my husband is in the room, I catch him staring at me with a little smile. He says I’m adorable and he can still make me blush. 
2. My thirst for words, books, and an overall obsession with having a home library. Don’t know if this counts as interesting, but I am always on the lookout for unique books & items that I envision in my library. Frames, knick knacks, book ends, shelves, and the goal: a few comfortable chairs. I even scored a first print obscure book of plays from 1908 at a flea market for only one dollar. I have quite an eclectic mix and I’ve posted a few pics of my shelves on my IG account. 
3. I can devour a 900 page book in less than a day. I still function as a human being during this process, I cook, clean, go to work, talk with my kids, and remember to eat. Throughout this whole process I can still consume the soul of a lengthy adult fiction novel book. 
4. In high school I was happy to attend a fine arts school and I tried everything except music and theatre. It was a blast to dabble in tv/radio communications, write for the tribune, be a member of the Dead Poets Society, I was in ballet, Celtic tap, and jazz. I loved photography, metal work, art/sculpture, and jewelry making class. It was all a blur and a blast. I enjoyed all four years there. 
5. I can identify several artists and songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Even more surprisingly (as I found out one adventurous night with family and friends) I can correctly identify several sitcom theme songs from those decades as well. I surprised myself and after all these years together, I surprised my husband lol. (Mind you I was born in the mid 80s) 
6. I almost majored in History instead of English in college. I have always been in love with British History, the Royal lines and the mystery of power and death. I chose English when I declared before the end of the first year, and I haven’t regretted it once. I have always wondered what would’ve been through. A mild curiosity. 
7. I consider myself an amateur (emphasis on the amateur) photographer. I admire every aspect of art. Those who do this for a living are artists that glimpse into the universe. 
8. I have Puck’s farewell speech memorized from “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. I spontaneously burst into it when I want to nerd out in a Shakespearean way 😎.
9. I am addicted to flea markets & garage sales. Yes I am! For the following reasons: mirrors, books, wine boxes, cigar boxes, candle holders, decorative cushions, frames, on the hunt for a working vintage typewriter, and oh the many wonders of life. 
10. I deal better with books than people. I was a child seen and not heard, as long as I had a book nearby I was at peace. Oftentimes I would get sick in large crowds, and I hated (sometimes still do) the noise that permeated every inch of my skin. Introvert for life. 
–C. Dougherty

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