Ireland…my soul hungers 

#30daywritingchallenge Day 5: 
A place I would live but have never visited would have to be Ireland. 
The scenic views of castle ruins and rolling green hills have always spoken of a quiet serenity to me. It’s a place where it almost seems as if time has stood still. My maiden name is rooted in its rich history. I am Dougherty, or O’Dougherty, from the O’Doctaraigh clan. I feel it is my destiny to see the land and plant my feet firmly on it. 
I want to roam through the castles, hike through the wilderness, and inhale the sweet scents of nature. This is a place where I feel like my heart can sing, where my soul can breathe, and where I can exist without feeling time crush me down. 
My father visited, and I have to admit I was jealous when he came home with laughter in his voice and a smile on his face. 
I will visit before I hit a mid-life crisis and I hope I can retire there (or at least spend a whole summer). One day, hopefully one day soon…

C. Dougherty


Day 6 ‘someone who fascinates me and why’ 


Fascination means to be drawn irresistibly or to be deprived of the ability to resist, the way a snake fascinates its prey

Not quite sure which definition applies to me and my “fascination”. I am compelled to studiously learn and cultivate a more comprehensive understanding of the feminine mystique, so it is not a someone who fascinates me but a something. 

This intangible, elusive whisp of an idea which I thrive to absorb and employ. I try to emphasize this ideal to all the women I interact with or come across. Although I am human and at times envy or jealousy gets to me, I am also aware enough to realize that every female is a goddess in her own right. 

Maiden, mother, crone…we are all a variety of facets of the feminine divine. A female can be bold and spirited, or shy and reserved. She can be silent and tenacious or impulsive and dramatic, she can be all of this and more. 

I struggled with embracing my inner goddess because it was difficult to shut out the negativity of others, and especially difficult to shut down my own insecurities within. My power, my feminine magick, was wasting in the shadows because I refused to stand in the light. Introspection can not be honest if it is filtered.

The pain I felt while trying to learn to love myself is mirrored daily in the faces of other women who battle their own inner demons. I am unable to resist sharing a compliment, some positivity, or in more familiar relationships a hug and loving words. The magick of being female resides in the soul, and beauty is born from embracing it. 

True beauty is unique, not generic.

Faults are no matter. Scars are hard won, and pain can help you feel when the threat of being numb is on the edge of your sanity. I try to bolster the spirits of the powerful women in my sphere through support and sincere feedback. I can only hope that the ripple I may cause can have a lasting chain reaction. People, women especially, can so easily cling to the negativity being spoon fed to them by society and status quo. It is a struggle to grasp onto a positive moment in this surge of darkness. I feel I am but a little whisp of a breeze across the landscape of another’s landscape, yet I try. 

I am blessed to see the feminine magick in the eyes of my mother, my sisters, my life long chosen family, and close friends. I am surrounded by women of strength, even if at times they don’t see it in themselves. I am fascinated by the capability and resilience of the goddess within each of them. 

Embrace your magick, be a goddess, and wear your crown with pride and humility. You are beautiful. 

C. Dougherty