Ireland…my soul hungers 

#30daywritingchallenge Day 5: 
A place I would live but have never visited would have to be Ireland. 
The scenic views of castle ruins and rolling green hills have always spoken of a quiet serenity to me. It’s a place where it almost seems as if time has stood still. My maiden name is rooted in its rich history. I am Dougherty, or O’Dougherty, from the O’Doctaraigh clan. I feel it is my destiny to see the land and plant my feet firmly on it. 
I want to roam through the castles, hike through the wilderness, and inhale the sweet scents of nature. This is a place where I feel like my heart can sing, where my soul can breathe, and where I can exist without feeling time crush me down. 
My father visited, and I have to admit I was jealous when he came home with laughter in his voice and a smile on his face. 
I will visit before I hit a mid-life crisis and I hope I can retire there (or at least spend a whole summer). One day, hopefully one day soon…

C. Dougherty

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