Elusive Publishing is a company created for the writer. Our mission is to keep the writer’s interest at heart when going through the writing process.

The writer bleeds the ink on the page, and gives birth to the work that makes the world feel.

Aside from my blog I am a publisher, my company is Elusive Publishing in South Texas. You can contact me if you are interested in getting published, we are not a vanity press. Elusive is a small publishing house working on several projects with a small staff. We endeavor to respond to all aspiring/seasoned writers in a timely manner.

I am publisher, editor, author, for Elusive. My main goal is to bring the voice of the writer to the forefront of decisions made with the publisher. It’s all new to me in several aspects, and I’m sure I’m not the first writer who wants to take the reins of publishing in hand. This is not a selfish goal, creating Elusive Publishing has brought me in touch with various writers from all over the world. Both seasoned published authors and newbies have submitted work and are presently working with Elusive on various projects.

Bear in mind when you send your work, that I am a full-time teacher and mom. My income comes primarily from my day job, and I always try to stress that we are not a vanity press.

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Feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
Email: elusive.publishing@gmail.com

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