Bleeding on the Page: My soul exposed is my first poetry collection, available for purchase on Amazon. However, if you would like a personal signed copy I have included a link to my PayPal. Mind you, I am new to this world and I am trying to increase my exposure.

Even though the journey is long, I am merely on the precipice and trust me I am not tired.

-C. Dougherty

I am appreciative of the followers, readers, and commentators that have passed through and left their imprint with me. I’ve had people contact me through a variety of social media once they’ve read and enjoyed my poems, or because word of mouth has helped my name fall into the hands of others. With each person that asks how to buy my book I can’t help but smile.

A great group of writers has provided continuous motivation and support. I am thankful for them, and the kind words they shared with me. Their description of my work humbled me and filled my heart. Kirstin Forte, Erica Harris, Kris Johnston, KLP, Devon West, and Jessica Vieira are all terrific writers in their own right.

C. Dougherty’s work is a lyrical celebration of femininity, romance and emotions that render us vulnerable. Her words emerge onto the page at once spontaneous and thoughtful leaping from the shadow of fantasy cast upon the dreamer by society.

-Devon West, Author of “The Wild Type”

I can’t believe my book is out there, making small waves yes, but it is out there. Send me an email, if you have any further questions: . If you want a personally signed copy of my small poetry collection, click on the link.

Signed by the Author